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This web site was generated in an effort to petition state and federal legislators to enact laws which would provide persons with natural Covid immunity the same societal status, legal rights, and equal treatment as those with vaccine-induced immunity.

This web site does not advocate for, or against, any adult desiring to receive the vaccination. That is a personal choice. Likewise, if those with natural Covid immunity wish to receive the vaccine - that is their personal choice. This web site only seeks legal recognition for those who have obtained natural Covid immunity through having contracted Covid-19.   

The 100-page communique found herein contains
172 medical citations covering 11 natural immunity topics obtained from research findings published in recognized medical journals, scientific databases, statements from government agencies, etc. 

To view the document on this web site without downloading it, click on the tab above "View Document" or click here.

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To download the pdf document specifically for Idaho, click on the Idaho map


To download the pdf document written for all other states and Federal, click on the USA map

Sample page of the Document
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Sample page of the Document
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Sample page of the Document
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Sample page of the Document
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Sample page of the Document
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