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Based on her ICU experience, I drafted my own Advanced Healthcare Treatment Directive (which was reviewed for accuracy by health care providers). I don't ever want to endure such an awful ordeal like hers.

Her husband had pneumonia and went to the hospital. His pulse oximeter was 79%. The ER staff said he had Covid pneumonia and needed to be on a ventilator, which she and her husband categorically refused. He was promptly admitted to the ICU. 

While in the ICU, she asked the doctors to give her husband intravenously high doses of vitamin C, zinc, Budezenol, and vitamin D. They refused because it was not authorized in the 300+ page CDC/NIH document sent to medical care providers for Covid-19 (click here to see the Covid-19 Treatment Guidelines). She did not care what was authorized in the CDC Guidelines and insisted. They still refused. She then insisted that they release her husband from the hospital and provide home hospice care. Realizing they were not going to get their Covid $$$ or ICU $$$, they acquiesced to her demands. 

3 1/2 days later he was discharged. 

The healthcare directive below is my "Directive" and is not intended for your use. I highly recommend that you draft, and personalize, your own "Directive" and then have it reviewed by your physician.


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